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Savage 10ML-II Plug with Tungsten Carbide Bushing


QTY 1: Breech Plug
QTY 1: Tungsten Carbide Bushing Vent (ASG034)
QTY 1: Bushing retention screw (ASG035)

Benefits over factory Savage plug

1) Plug is manufactured from heat treated 416 stainless steel.
2) Instead of using a vent liner, this plug uses a tungsten carbide bushing.   The tungsten carbide is much longer lasting than any vent liner available.   Shooting standard Savage book loads, you can expect 500+ shots on a bushing.
3) 3/8″ hex head allows for installation and removal of breech plug with standard socket set.  This plug is compatible with older style 10ML2’s that use 4 prong plug.
The tungsten carbide bushing is replaceable if it ever wears out.   Plug will come fully assembled and ready to install in your 10ML-II muzzle loader.
*Not compatible with original 10ML that uses primer modules.  We do not sell any 10ML parts, nor do we know of anyone that does.   The only option we have for those is  one of our replacement barrel systems.   (CLICK HERE)


Savage 10ML-II plug with Tungsten Carbide Bushing.