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Remington 700 Prefit Remage Barrels


Remington Replacement Barrels

Compatible with Remington 700 S/A, L/A, and Rem Ultimate Muzzleloader (UML).   NOT COMPATIBLE with 700ML

Includes barrel nut, ASG GEN2 LRMP Plug, and 20 modules

Brux aftermarket 45cal barrels for Remington actions.

Be sure to grab one of our no drill bolt stop (click here) for easier module insertion and a box of our NSR bullets (click here).

Go/No Go Gauge Set: Click Here

Deprime Stand: Click Here

Hand Primer: Lee or RCBS

Three Piece Ramrod: Click Here


Approximate weight without brake: 3 lbs 13oz



Brux aftermarket 45cal barrels for Remington actions.

Barrel Contour: 1.060×5, ST0.9@10″, Cylinder (no taper) to muzzle 0.9″ @ 26″

The Brux barrel is a cut rifled, 6L, 20tw barrel.

Recommend load is 275 NSR @ 2700FPS or 300NSR @ 2650 FPS with H4198/IMR4198.  Click here for NSR bullets

Use crescent wrench for barrel nut installation.

Additional information

Muzzle Brake

No Brake, Radial Brake + Funnel + Thread Protector, 3 Port Brake + Load Through Funnel + thread protector