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Replacement Encore Barrels (Brux Blanks)


Includes everything needed to start shooting except Powder, Primers, Powder Scale, and Hand Primer (LEE or RCBS)

Arrowhead Gen2 LRMP Module System

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  • Brux Cut Rifle Barrel Blank (45cal 6L 20 Twist)
  • Supplied recommended load is 275gr bullet @ 2575 FPS using H4198.   These are solid 300 yard guns.
    • If you’ve been hearing about 500+ yard ML’s and are interested in those, check out our bolt gun builds. CLICK HERE

Includes Following Items:

  • 6 hole Picatinny Steel scope base.   Set forward for improved eye relief
  • Forend standoffs for ML forend included, forend is not.  Factory plastic ML forend will fit with no modification.
  • 20 LRMP Modules
  • Arrowhead Gen2 LRMP Breech plug
  • Module Ejector System
  • 3 Piece ramrod & Jag
  • 20 Pack 275gr No Sizing Required Bullets (click here to purchase more)  Swaging bullets is no longer required!
  • Deprimer Station

Contour: 1.0×10, Straight taper to 0.945@12, 0.945 @ muzzle


4 lbs 12oz

Spiral Fluted 4 lbs 7oz


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No brake, Radial, 3 Port Side Discharge


No Fluting, Spiral Flute