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Arrowhead 45cal XLD Muzzleloader Bullets


Generally requires sizing: Click Here


If you’re buying for a 45cal Brux or similar barrel, you may want to check out the new XLD No Sizing Required bullets.   These bullet allow for high performance bullet to bore shooting without requiring a sizing die. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.



The Arrowhead XLD line has proven itself on the range and in the field.  The unique hybrid ogive maximizes the ballistic coefficient while maintaining excellent shootability.   0.021″ Jacket Thickness produces excellent terminal results on game at all ranges.  If you’re looking for maximum performance out of your muzzleloader, this is the bullet for you!

.452″ for smooth sizing in 45cal muzzleloaders.  The XLD has not been tested in 50cal guns shooting sabots.  We recommend the Arrowhead LR line (ASG279, 300gr) of bullets for sabot shooting.

0.021″ Jacket Thickness

275gr Length = 1.410″

300gr Length = 1.450″

325gr Length = 1.510″

350gr Length = 1.560″

LabRadar verified BC’s at 2800 FPS

275gr =0.355 G1

300gr = 0.4 G1 , G7 BC = 0.185

325gr = 0.435 G1


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275, 300gr, 325gr, 350gr


10 pack, 50 pack