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About Us

Arrowhead Sporting Goods LLC

Arrowhead Sporting Goods LLC  was started in 2011 because of the long lead time for aftermarket 45cal muzzle loader barrels.   With some trepidation, the first barrel order was placed.  When that first order showed up some 12+ weeks later, all the barrels already had customers waiting!  Things have continued to steadily grow from there.   We now offer everything from sabots and bullets to complete turnkey muzzle loader solutions.

Originally started in Northeast Iowa.   We are now located in Phoenix, AZ. 

Luke Horak (owner): I’ve been a hunting and shooting fanatic as long as I can remember.  I was home schooled through high school.  My brother and I could usually wear our mom down in 2-3 hours tops and get kicked out of the house which meant lots of time for hunting, trapping, and fishing.  In my very early hunting years (probably around 10) my younger brother and I would go on frequent all day sparrow safaris at the neighbor’s dairy farm.  From there I graduated to squirrels, rabbits, and pheasants.   I have a lot of wonderful memories of chasing Iowa roosters with my dad and brothers. In high school, I began hunting Iowa Whitetails which have been my primary pursuit for the last 15+ years.

In early 2018, I and—especially— my wife had, had enough of me working a full-time engineering job and supporting ASG on a nearly full-time basis.   So in February 2018, I left my corporate job and went full-time with ASG!

With lots of real life hunting experience and a strong technical background (Mechanical Engineering degree from Iowa State University) I feel I am uniquely equipped to help customers get a solution that will give them the best chance for success at the range and in the field!

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